Beginner's Guide

What is this? I don't even.
-It's a browser based RPG set in a fantasy world. Players fight monsters and level up, upgrade equipment, complete quests and eventually join a guild with their fellow players. You can direct workers to gather materials for your guild to build structures that benefit all members. Individuals can band together to fight giant monsters either publically or in a guild. There is a persistant chat to keep up with your friends (and enemies!).

How do I start?
-register a username, and log in. Simple!

Ok, what's all this information on my screen?

1 - Quick Info - from the left
Name, Level, Experience, Guild, Guild Level (and progress)
Money, Jade, Tokens, Reputation, Rank
Links and info

2 - From the Top
Current TS(Tradeskill) jobs - Any Tradeskill jobs you've set going, and how long they have left. (
Mail - Any mail yo'uve received.
Combat Progress Details, including total number of kills, quests completed, tickets found (for the monthly lottery), current quest number, current quest objective and current quest progress.

3 - Equipment.
Equipment is upgraded by spending money to improve its power, or finding ways to improve its rarity.

4 - The Main Panel -See Below

5 - Chat! talk to other's playing here.
Chat is split into seperate channels for people to talk in and filter based on what you want to see. A list of commands can be found in the quick info area at the top (the Commands link).

Soooo...what was 4 again?

Many things! whatever your current activity in the game is, 4 will handle it. Navigate around here with the central dropdown menu. Let's go through it in order:

Battle - Self explanatory. You can choose something to fight and click attack to quickly deal with it, or auto to work through a larger number at once, but more slowly (handy for playing at work). Don't fight things you can't kill! whilst there is no death penalty, dying a lot is not a good use of your time (unless you enjoy dying a lot).

Quests - this is where you take and hand in quests. Pick a monster that's about the right level for you and get to it. When your quest is done come back here for a reward.

Jade Temple - The Temple of Monks who practice advanced skills and combat techniques. These monks deal in jade rather than standard currency, and if you provide them with jade they will advance your skills in certain combat areas and other aspects of gameplay.

Market - This is where players list items for sale, and others can come and buy.

Guild - If you have the money you can found a guild here and invite people. If someone else has invited you to a guild this is where you can see and accept it.

Inventory - All of the items you've collected are here, arranged by category. If you have an item with an On Use effect, you can use it from here.

Crafting - By combining jade and gems you find throughout your adventure, you can craft Jewellery to wear to enhance your stats, or trade with other players.

Tradeskills - Every player has 20 peons at their disposal for tradeskills. Direct them to work on up to 4 things at once for the amount of time you desire. The wage they will require is shown. click Hire to confirm. Once they're done, come back here and you'll see that their skill has improved and you'll be given the materials they've gathered.

Travel - From here you can travel to other, more difficult areas. Travel costs money, so don't go until you're ready. Areas here are listed by order of difficulty.

Bosses - Here is where you go when the call is made for players to fight invading bosses. Every 2 hours, bosses will attack the land and players must fight them together. Messages will be made beforehand in chat to warn you when this is going to happen. By visiting the bosses section before a boss appears, you can sign a mercenary contract to recieve additional loot if the boss is killed.

Housing - When you have enough funds saved up, you may buy a house here. You will be asked to choose a town to settle in and you can then begin work on building a house. Please note that houses can be intensive on tradeskills and funds, so it is not recomended that you get a house before you have considered the costs. Please be aware that married players share a house.

Chapel Here, 2 players may marry. Marriage declares your union to the world. Married players may take on a common surname, share a house and have access to other, minor benefits. Instructions for starting the marriage process can be found on this page.

Milestones - this is just an informative page to show what milestones come with pre-defined rewards when you reach them.

Settings - Personal account setting. Change your username, password, colour scheme and swear filter options here.

Log - This is a log of the last few system messages you've received. Check here to see if your things have sold on the market and to make sure you've not missed any whispers!