I can't login anymore!

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I can't login anymore!

Postby Falaloon » Tue May 10, 2016 10:19 pm

A couple days ago the game has been targeted by a DoS attack. In the course of fending off the attack some players have been IP blacklisted by the prevention meassures that have been put into place.

We apologize for that inconvenience.
In order to get yourself unbanned:

Contact Nitemare either by means of Private Message(!!!) on this Forum, Lyrania's Facebook page (private Message!!!) or have a friend open a support ticket in the game on your behalf.

Make sure to include the IP Adress you can not connect to the game from anymore in the message so Nitemare knows which adress to kick out of the filter in order to let you play again.

Don't know your IP Adress?


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