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Postby hctibavonos » Thu Oct 25, 2018 12:54 pm

A bit of background. Initially, you had 20 autos in a set. That was it. No restarting, no nothing. You wanted more autos? That's great, 2 tokens please! Each auto purchase was a proactive change to your autoing.

But an overall positive thing happened, changing the dynamic. Introducing 100 base autos really helped new players get into the swing and give all players more time to auto. However, this has actually unsettled the tokenshop and reduced the perceived value of an auto as a result.

What I suggest then, is a refinement of the auto system upward.

5 autos for 5 tokens. You can purchase this 10 times.
5 autos for 10 tokens. You can purchase this 10 times.
5 autos for 15 tokens. You can purchase this 10 times...

You get the drift.

With this change, the cost of an auto is cut in half and they're now purchased in bulk increasing their perceived value.

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