Quad and New Boss/Map Jewellry/Boss Strength

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Quad and New Boss/Map Jewellry/Boss Strength

Postby Falaloon » Wed Jun 01, 2016 8:57 pm

Hello hi,

We have Quad all year now (in theory)

How Quad works: Quad can be handed out by staff (Promos or randomly). When it's active it upgrades the Double that's on you to Quad. When it's over display reverts back to the Double you previously had. Since Quad doesn't work without Double (it's how previous Quad was coded and I didn't move away from that yet) and Double keeps ticking down while Quad is active you simply get X minutes global double and X minutes Quad to ensure everyone gets the benefits. It also only exists Globally, so you can't save it in an hourglass or obtain it in other ways than due to Staff handing it out. May 1st Quad will happen as always. Everyone has Double that day by default and any existing Double on you will be Quad for the day.

New Boss/Map Jewellry

53 new pieces of Jewellry have been added to Bosses and Maps. Areas A5 and upwards have at least one new Jewellry. Maps 19 and upwards have also received new Jewellry drops. Drop Chances (Chance to get a Jewellry drop) has been significantly increased ( They are now 30% for Areas 1-5, 25% for Areas 6-9, 20% for Areas 10-12, 17.5% for Areas 13 and 14 and 15% for Areas 15 and up). That means you have a 30% Chance to Loot a piece of Jewellry in A1. The distribution among the Jewellries of an Area within that Drop Chance is weighted (Crowns will drop less often than Rings etc.) and won't be revealed in detail. Every old Jewellry has either had their Droprate increased or remains with the same Droprate as before (no, those were never shared in detail), nothing has been made harder to obtain. With more Jewellry pieces now carrying negative Stats a check before you equip them has been introduced: If one of your Basestats would end up below 0 by equipping a Jewellry you can not equip it.

Heroism Fix/Boss Strength Increase

An unnoticed Bug caused Heroism to only give 4/5 of its advertised (Jadetemple/Rankings) benefit since pretty much the start of the game. This has been corrected for Area Bosses, and is why there was the increase in Damage everyone noticed lately.
Guild Bosses haven't been affected and still work as they always did (their rebalance is one of the next items on the to-do list).

As we keep digging through the code and improving things we'll try to spot things like that as we go (For instance, a bug with Quad not working in Guild Maps at all was spotted during rewriting Quad).

Area Bosses have been made tougher. At the same time, Dungeon Points have been added to their contract rewards, Jewellry dropchances have been improved and new Jewellry added to Bosses to create more incentive to participate and gear up yourself to fight in Areaboss fights.

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