The times they are a-changing...

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The times they are a-changing...

Postby Nitemare » Wed Mar 09, 2016 10:43 pm

Hello Lyranians and other viewers!

As some or all of you are aware, I have taken over Lyrania. It was no longer a viable option for Lyrael to continue working on the game and we have come to an agreement about transferal of ownership to my hands.

What does this mean for us?

It means we're looking towards a brighter future. One with updates, content, and players! We've got a load of upcoming content in the works and a new team of developers and researchers to help.

What should we expect?

Basically the same old Lyrania, with more cool stuff and the best admin around, Drakove! Wait... I meant me... errr. Oh well. You get the idea, we're working on developing the community to ensure a long healthy life for the game, one that can hopefully be passed on after my time has come to an end (I mean death... I'd have to die to give this up... or go broke. Either way, I don't intend to do either of those ANYTIME soon).

But I want it now!

As with all good things, they come with a price. Fortunately, the price in this case is only time! We are working around the clock to get the new ideas on paper, then into code, then into the game. This process takes time... hopefully less time than we expect, but time will always be an issue. I appreciate your support in the interim, as a lot of players have already expressed their concerns regarding when these updates are coming. I'll make this perfectly clear, I AM NOT A CODER BY NATURE. I am a webserver administrator with extensive experience in the IT field. I'm a natural born problem solver and a great leader. I may not have all the skills required to code these updates myself, but I do have the knowledge of how to get these tasks completed, who I need to complete what taks, and how to manage the team effectively. This, combined with my unwillingness to give up when provided with an issue, should prove to better the game for many years to come.

Thanks again to all players in this time of change, all of us here appreciate your time and interest and hope to keep providing you with an enjoyable whatever it is we do here. (Game, or chat, or whatever it is you do when you're online...)

-The new Queen, Nitemare Alabaster, his regal royalness etc.

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