kung fu lessons

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kung fu lessons

Postby hctibavonos » Tue Jun 05, 2018 7:21 am

Why hello there!

Are you a new player? Are you missing the hong kong book of kung fu? Are you missing the house level to use it? Have you been evicted from your own home by your horrible ex? Why, I have just the thing!

While you may not have that lauded book of kung fu, you do have kung fu masters that will happily show you the way... if the price is right.

How much is the cost? Why a low-low price of 100 gems (the type is randomized each auto). With this, you can happily crunch through the dungeons just like if you were reading kung fu!... except it's really really expensive!

MECHANICS - the player can auto his auto-amount in dungeons and guild dungeons, but each fight would cost him 100 of a randomly chosen gem (excluding jade). This means a 70 room CR would cost 7000 gems (of assorted types).

It would appear as "train under kung fu master". Obtaining the Hong Kong book of Kung Fu will replace it with "Read Up on Kung Fu" as you would expect.

While this removes the unique feeling of the kung fu book, it certainly does not remove it's usefulness.

As a by-product, this may see some dramatically improved demand for gems and actually make the gem market worth paying into. Not everyone has access to the kung fu book, so this may become a method for those with a kfb to turn a bit of coin while helping those without.

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