Optional Graphics UI in HUD

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Optional Graphics UI in HUD

Postby hctibavonos » Thu Apr 05, 2018 8:00 am

Hello! This suggestion is a very simple one, add a settings in... uhh... settings... to show the exp bars in the top display OR display numeric values.

I can either show 448,215/22,165,250 exp, or it can be a gold bar that fills each kill! Hovering over the image would show the numeric value for people that need that granularity.

This can also be extended to pet exp and to guild exp with individual options for each!

full (shows current / needed exp)
limited (shows percent in 00.00% format)
graphical (shows a tidy bar approximating progress)
anal-retentive (shows 2 stacked bars, top is whole percents, bottom is a quicker-filling partial percent. IE 82.14%, the top bar would show 82/100, the bottom bar would show 14/100. This is for the truly anal-retentive)

Difficulty of implementation:
I wouldn't IMAGINE it would be hard, just take the code for exp bar in houses and retool it to work with the HUD instead.

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