More Sockets for Perfect Gems!

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More Sockets for Perfect Gems!

Postby hctibavonos » Thu Feb 01, 2018 10:36 am

So talismans are great because they allow you to socket a gem and improve a stat with an unfortunate side effect of a possibility of the gem shattering and taking the talisman levels with it. OUCH.

BUT, this is a side suggestion: equipment sockets

How does it work?

Unlike talismans, each equipment can have upwards of 1 socket for each even quality jump.
shoddy - 0 sockets
poor - 1 socket
decent - 1 socket
fine - 2 sockets
quality - 2 sockets
flawless- 3 sockets... etc.

I say upwards because drilling a socket is expensive:
socket 1 - 1000 jade and 10 of each perfect gem
socket 2 - 5000 jade and 100 of each perfect gem
socket 3 - 25 000 jade and 1000 of each perfect gem
socket 4 - 125 000 jade and 10 000 of each perfect gem
socket 5 - 625 000 jade and 100 000 of each perfect gem
etc. (each new socket is 5x more jade and 10x more perfect gems)

So... Spicy!

How does socketing work?
You add a perfect gem to a socket.
Each socketed gem grants +1 of that stat for every 5 item levels. (ie. level 400 weapon would give a pruby +80 defense)

ASSUME: You're full flawless and have triple socketed your gear with all opals (you evasion tanker you!).
Let's also say (for ease of math) level 300 weapons (6 sockets = 360 eva) and level 200 armors (21 sockets = 840 eva) or 1200 eva total.

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