A wiser owl

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A wiser owl

Postby hctibavonos » Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:28 am

Wise owl isn't a "wise" choice. It's a nice way of introducing players to pets, but as a pet itself, it is underwhelming.

This suggestion is to make this "wise" pet an actual useful companion without revoking a reason to choose another pet.

Here's how! Currently, exp/lev is 25. Going from 99 to 100 requires 2500 exp. 999 to 1000 requires 25000... You get the drift.

Owl would reduce that exp/lev by 0.02 for every level it has. (max 2)

This means that a fully leveled owl would reduce exp/lev to 23.

Since exp is reduced from pool every time you gain a level; this will not grant retroactive gains on levels; and even if it did, you can only gain 1 level per battle (by design). This idea is to act as a force multiplier on your exp boost (imagine your expboost x 1.08).

Imagine this scenario:
lev 400,000 requires 10,000,000 exp
OWL lev 100
lev 400,000 requires 9,200,000 exp (you save 800K experience).

You no longer have to find that perfect exp level for the owl as it is now ALWAYS useful. It is still less useful than a badger mole or a dragon; but now has a use case and new players won't feel like it's a damn waste anymore.

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