jewelry loadout button on loot screen, and plat box modification

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jewelry loadout button on loot screen, and plat box modification

Postby maszat » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:14 am

Hi. i would greatly appreciate if you could add the jewelry loadout change button to the loot screen too. most people use different jewelry for fighting the area boss and regular mobs. that's why it was added to the boss fight screen. but as logical is that people want to change the sets when starting the fight, it's logical just the same that they want to change them back after the boss fight. when the fight is over you can still see the button, but when you hit the loot button it's gone. it would be nice to not have to go to inventory and then to mob fighting, if we already have the button there durring the whole boss fight.

The second suggestion is a different kind. The box where you introduce the amount of plat ( in mails, shrine room, market, etc.) should be longer, so more digits would be visible while you type. many times one must enter more then 2 digits there and it's annoying when you try to double check the amount you entered. at one time i entered one 0 to many when summoning the gboss. i know it's my fault cause i didn't check the values afterwards, but i was in a hurry. not that it can't be worked around, but it would be easier to see the plat value you are writing there with a small modification.

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