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Event maps

Postby piiees » Sun May 28, 2017 2:51 am

So my idea was to possibly add in special dungeons that people can come across when an event is running. It's just simply a map in the theme of the event which gives some nice rewards.

For example the upcoming Halloween event (still a while off though) could offer people the chance to stumble upon "spooky houses" which are special dungeons with mobs equal in strength to your current mob, and give room rewards equal to the area you're in (keep normal rewards of it on par to what you'd expect). The size could be a single size for everyone, or maybe a possible few sizes (small, medium, large) rather than your area map size.

The difference is first the theme (different tiles/mobs) and secondly is it gives additional possible rewards at the end of the room that are the events special drop (so Halloween could be cobwebs, Easter has chance of eggs, etc) and the final chest (or maybe make a map have 2-3 chests if the map is large) gives a special cache of event rewards instead of the normal map jewellery/orb/etc.

The cache could give a new title to you + some other little goodies, or it could give you an event specific jewellery piece, etc, etc.

Also the dungeons could maybe be made into maps with the right housing equipment, but the maps can't be traded (so just storing for own personal use later rather than a, sell off to highest bidder).

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