[Settings] Add a new quest dropdown

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[Settings] Add a new quest dropdown

Postby hctibavonos » Wed May 24, 2017 9:35 am

https://image.prntscr.com/image/a91cd9b ... ed4753.png

The above is an image directly explaining the idea.

Instead of the mild inconvenience of having to drop and reroll quests, you can select an autorolled quest type from settings. (It just saves a step or 5.)

The options are:
LOW - A comparatively few items to find. Anything requiring more than 50kills/item from the monster.
MEDIUM - Average number of items. Anything requiring between 10 and 50 kills to get each item.
HIGH - A bunch of items. Anything requiring less than 10 kills to get each item
KILL - No getting lucky, no variation; you're just doing kill quests.

The idea here is that pets (dog) do make life easier depending on the quest you're performing. There is still a bit of randomness when it comes to low/medium/high, so getting that perfect quest still takes a bit of luck. (Quest says find 300 items, my questboost reduced it to 60, OHHH YEAH!!!!) but it will give a hell of a lot more control to the player.

There will be redundant access to this setting in the quests menu. This allows you to change your preference from an easy-to-reach screen; which is especially useful for newer players unfamiliar with settings and menu navigation.

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