Late Boss Sign Ups

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Late Boss Sign Ups

Postby hctibavonos » Sat Apr 29, 2017 7:52 pm

Have you ever logged in to Lyrania and saw that you were 2 or 3 minutes late to a still living boss?

Have you hated your timing and wished there was a way you could get at least something for your effort (except for map and jewelry chance?)

Well, NOW YOU CAN!* *(if this suggestion is approved)

Tardy contract signs are now in! Were you tabbed out looking at cute cats in YouTube for 20 minutes and totally lost track of time? Go to the boss panel and sign up for a late contract!

Signing up late will annoy the hell out of the clerk; but the great powers above him say he must allow entries. But it doesn't mean he doesn't have any say to discourage your truant ass! The pay out will be halved of what it would normally be!

What's this? You never break pity pay? Well, guess what, pity pay and max pay is halved as well. Next time, be on time!

If you're A18, instead of max pay being 18p, it'd be 9p. Instead of pity pay being 4p 50g, it'd be 2p25g... But, hey, you're late! And this is better than nothing!* (except for map at jewelry chance)

Area/8 * Taxidermy = tardy pay (in plat). IE.
Area 14 with 10% taxidermy = 14/8 *1.1 == 1p 92g 50s tardy vs 3p 85g on-time.
Area 1 with 0% taxidermy = 1/8 * 1 = 12g 50s tardy vs 25g on-time

Area/2 * Taxidermy = tardy pay (in plat). IE.
Area 12 with 25% taxidermy = 12/2* 1.125 = 6p 75g vs 13p 50g
Area 20 with 50% taxidermy = 20/2* 1.25 = 12p 50g vs 25p

EDIT: maxpay is 1/2 of taxidermy amount; corrected examples above.

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