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Latest News

June 16th

The current JOAJ promo will be coming to an end soon so be sure to spend any remaining jade while you still have the boost.

Posted by: Midith

Latest Update

May 30th

-Added API for maplogs. It's been listed on the API landing page. This API shows you the stats for your finished (completed/abandoned) maps.
Chest loot is only visible for maps where they havent been looted yet.
Map results showing in lootlog (if that ever made it to live) has been removed since the API is much more useful.

-Cat pets are now a bit clingier. They can grab on to 5 Dragon pets of the same grade (Baby/Adult, excludes Jade Dragon) to form a fragile assembly. While it's damage is greatly diminished, this could be handy for fighting bosses.
When using Adult Dragons the construct is just as frail, but the additional good luck this brings might be worth it.

-Slightly revamped pet feeding messages so you can see which pet you're feeding. In the future the feeding buttons might be added under the pet icon.

-Housing timer items now show on the housing page. This also shows a spoiler to an upcoming QoL that allows for storing an overkill of construction time. You might want to save your housing consumables. Some legacy item names will be renamed in the near future so they show up in housing as well.

-You can now mass link jbox items. This is handy if you want to wire a bunch of them over. Keep in mind the /wireitem limit. Update is already on live, but wasnt added to the update log before.

-Slightly edited the dungeon loot screen to allow for space for moar stuff in the future. The map name has been moved to the top. Total DP can also be seen at the top of your screen and doesnt need to be shown at the top of the map.

- Copied the timer code some of you were using. Mapping on enter speed should now actually take 4 seconds per action. (requires refresh)

Posted by: Midith