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Latest News

January 20th

Known problems with lag etc:

We′re aware of some fairly significant problems with Lyrania at the moment. Currently, there isn′t a known explanation but rest assured every avenue is being looked at to understand what′s gone wrong.

Examples of problems you may see:

Freezing of autos in maps (personal and guild) −− very common
Freezing of autos outside maps
Area boss alerts and spawns occurring late −− only once so far
Disappearance of chat lines −− common
Disappearance of dropdown for loadouts (particularly on area boss screen)
500 server errors
UI glitches

Apologies for the ongoing problems. Again, it′s being investigated and we′ll keep you posted with any information as we get it.

Posted by: Syxx

Latest Update

January 16th


- Festival durations changed from 7 days to 30. (Socko)

Posted by: SuperSantaSock