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Latest News

June 17th

Hey guys,

Nite and I would like to invite you along to a Q&A just chatting stream on Sunday at 17:30 game time to openly discuss the follow topics:

- A potential guild combat system.
- The passive mapping posted on the polls.
- A rework on how current maps are designed/generated.

After these topics have been discussed, we invite players to ask questions of their own, and if they feel comfortable, joining us in a call to have a open discussion about the question they have.

Andy will join us to take notes, after the stream ends we will flesh the notes out for people who can't attend and post them here.

Hope to see you then!

Posted by: xXx

Latest Update

June 10th

- Added a guild building for guilds level 100+ for automating guild payouts for dungeon finds. This building does not use a building slot. The payouts for finds come from it's own funding which anyone in the guild can donate to. Only officers can set the finds up. Finds are paid out on each find instantly. If there are no funds in the pot when obtaining a find, no payout will be made and the find will not be marked as paid in the log.

The next phase of this building will allow guild members to be paid out for GDP on a weekly basis, which will occur at the weekly reset on Sundays. This will be rank controlled so that not everyone would be paid if they don't need to be. EG Officers/Leaders. The next phase won't require an upgrade and will just be part of the current building. (Vibblez)

Posted by: xXx