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Latest News

October 31st

Reminder to everyone that JOAJ and stat boost attached to the Halloween event will end at Midnight server time today - in around 3hrs. Don't get caught out with stacks of jade or dying to every attack!

Posted by: Syxx

Latest Update

August 20th

Bug Fixes
-Fixed issue where you couldnt downgrade equipment that had a single quote in the name. The downgrade message now asks you to confirm the downgrade of the rarity and base name (Prismatic Shortsword, for instance) instead of the custom name you set up.
-Fixed a bug with guild dungeon treasury where the RP/GDP payout could not be set back to 0.
-Fixed bug where near max value of its tier enchants (44% out of 45% max for Jade for instance) couldnt be upgraded.
-Fixed a bug that allowed custom ranks to be longer than 20 chars.
-Fixed a bug that wouldnt show WW triggers in main dropdown after switching to a new month.
-Fixed issue with Milestones having old values when battling in maps.

-Extended guild map log to 31 days from 30 days to account for the longer months.
-Added a background image to Dragon guild boss fights. This can be toggled on/off under Settings->Display. (Refresh required here for settings to work)

Posted by: Midith