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Latest News

May 11th

All prizes for the previous quiz have been given out. Thanks to everyone for participating and congrats to all winners. There is now a roll in GamesRoom. Click the chat bubble on the far right to turn it on, and refresh if necessary. Then change chat dropdown to Gamesroom and type /roll. This game will end at 15:00 server time roughly, and I'll give out prizes about 5 mins later so bosses are dead.

Community rolls! This game is well established and needs little explanation. Rolls of 1-7 and 94-100 win 5 party bags of random colours. For every winner, there will be 5 minutes TDP and 500k jade rain. One roll per person. Good luck!

Posted by: Syxx

Latest Update

May 07th

Bug Fixes
- Fixed 4/20 event drops (a 4/20 event will happen soon to allow people to get some drops)

- Added Guild Info Logs to Guild API and removed 180 day limit on logs.
- Updated Jade Promo.

Posted by: Midith