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Latest News

May 01st

I'll be pushing a change at 23:45 to how system messages are stored for users in relation to whispers and systems when changing a users name. If you have anything you wish to keep in your log from the last couple of days you may wish to save these as they will no longer be accessible to you once the change goes live.

Posted by: Vibblez

Latest Update

May 01st

Username Changes
- You will no longer see another players system message/whispers in your log/chat if you change your name to their old name.

- Friends lists have been cleared. Friends are now stored as IDs instead of usernames so that they persist through name changes.

- When a staff members warns a player via chat, if they currently have the loot log open, it will now move the players chat to be the open tab instead of the loot log.

Posted by: Vibblez