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This is the old server. Progress gained here will not be saved! The URL should update to the new server in time but for now you can find it here. It will be safe to play on this URL when this red text no longer shows.

   Evasion changes and New Autos

Hey y’all,

A new update went live not long ago with two separate focuses.

First of all, the thing that you’re all most curious about is the change to evasion.

We had a system in place that (we thought) lowered your evasion each time you dodged, to stop people with 100% evasion just being able to kill everything with ease.
However, due to an ex-admin with fewer brain cells than are required to perform such a task, it was coded completely incorrectly and we’ve only just noticed.

To check for evasion, we roll a simple rand(1,10000) which is basically a check between 0-100%, if the roll is lower than your evasion then you dodge! Simple.<...

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